Watch an NPS technician repair a Nikon D4 DSLR in less than a minute (VIDEO)




We expect the technicians at Nikon Professional Services (NPS) to be pretty skilled at what they do but they're also fast. Very fast. In the below video, you can watch NPS service technician Kodai Matsumoto diagnose and repair a Nikon D4 in less than a minute.

OK, truth be told, it actually took Matsumoto just over twenty minutes to assess and fix the D4 but the timelapse video condenses it down to a mere 51 seconds. Twenty minutes is still mighty quick though to, essentially, take apart a professional DSLR and put it all back…

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Cop Selfies!: The best selfie photography tumblr blog we’ve seen today




We're not particularly keen on selfie photography. In fact, we're not even sure whether selfie photography is photography at all. But we've come across some selfie photography that we really do like in the form of a new tumblr blog called “cop selfies.” And it's about as good as selfie photography gets.

The title pretty much says it all. These are self-portrait photos of police officers and they're charmingly goofy. We're not sure if it's because police officers are typically serious and this tumblr is so unabashedly silly that…

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Lightroom 5 update on the way with fixes for launch issues


Early last month, Adobe shipped Lightroom 5, a major update to its photographer-centric imaging application. The update had lots to love, with new features including smart previews for offline image editing, automatic horizon and perspective correction, and a more advanced healing brush. Unfortunately, with so much changing it also introduced a number of new bugs, as acknowledged just days later by Adobe. Fear not, though — a fix is on the way!

Bugs introduced with Lightroom 5 include user-created presets disappearing along with the initial catalog…

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Facts and Fiction : Burning Unwanted Fats

Health and Wellness Blog

When it comes to weight loss, lots of people end up wondering what is the easiest method to burn body fat? From  workout routines to dietary fads, what we always hear is different fat burning methods and techniques, but what’s fact and what’s fiction?  Let us explore this subject and discuss what you ought to know that will help you achieve your weight-loss goals. Let us start with the basics.

While there are a number of different ways to approach a weight management program, there are three core components that are essential to success:

1. A behavior modification strategy that focuses on the implementation of both regular exercise and healthful nutrition;
2. A dietary approach that emphasizes balanced nutrition with decreased calorie intake;
3. An exercise plan that increases caloric expenditure through both aerobic exercise and resistance training.

During exercise, the body mainly utilizes fats and carbohydrates for fuel…

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Evolution of speech recogniton

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Why type? –  speech is faster!

I found an interesting Infographic a few days ago which I would like to share to you. This one is one year old, but as we look at history of speech recognition – nothing has changed.


Here, you can see that the technology of Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) has developed a lot since the Voder from AT&T in 1936. Today, we use Apple’s SIRI and there are actually some more solutions from Google and Microsoft and for sure, Nuance has done some great new stuff.

Evoulution of speech recognition

Evolution of speech recognition - ASR

Thanks to

Infographic courtesy of Wavelink, which does voice recognition in the warehouse picking industry. The company was recently acquired by LANDesk.

Need more background knowledge about speech recognition?

voice compass - book 3 - German languageI do a book series called voice compass, in which I cover all relevant background information concerning speech technology. Since 2006, the aixvox…

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