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The Importance Of Being Earnest – With Your Business Ideas

by Gaye Crispin

New business startups are like baby sea turtles trying to make it to the ocean. Whether it be something as innocuous as a piece of driftwood, or lethal as a sand crab, everything  in the path of a baby sea turtle has the potential to spell its demise.

So too, absolutely everything a new baby business hatchling encounters can be life-threatening to the idea or business plan.

No stage of business is more vulnerable than when the business idea is transitioning from being  a safe twinkle in the entrepreneur’s eye on to the drawing board, or into the board room.

And this stage is especially dangerous for the idea if the entrepreneur doesn’t appreciate their idea’s potential future value, and secure it accordingly.

Timing Is Everything

Fledgling entrepreneurs need to understand the importance of taking time to…

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SmallBiz Counsel Daily

Is your job killing you?Theoretically, it would be reasonable to conclude that office work was fairly safe. After all, unlike a police officer, there was little chance of being shot, or a fireman of being burned or die of smoke inhalation, or a construction worker of falling from tall scaffolding.

Mayo Clinic researchers, however, came to a different conclusion. Gently swiveling on a chair for long shifts, from one day to the next, also had its fair share of hazards. Those who sat for an average of 11 hours a day had a 40% risk of dying within 3 years. These marathon sitters, however, were not the only ones at risk. Those who sat for an average of 8 hours a day had a 15% higher risk of dying than those who sat for only 4 hours a day.
These unusual statistical results were due to one simple fact: the more sluggish the metabolism…

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Slavica Bogdanov

Have you mastered the art of writing down your goals but still feeling blocked from achieving them?

Many things can cause you to fail. Here is one important cause that can be avoided very easily.

When we write a goal, especially when it seems very big (know that big and small is obviously relative to the power and control over your doubts and fears you have achieved), we hear this little voice that discourages us. Negative thoughts that come up in our minds and give us reason why our goal cannot possibly be attained.

Many advise to shut up the voice, quiet it down or ignore it. I actually would agree with the opposite.

As the philosophy of martial art teaches us, fighting against an adversary actually gives him power. The best way to defeat an opponent is actually to not rebel against but to use his power (pulling him in instead…

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