Microfiction: Her Teeth

Microfiction: Her Teeth.



She was weak when she signed it. She didn’t know if they could

kill her, and they didn’t know whether she could die. It was

put together as hastily as they could, and, looking back,

flawed as a result. Nobody could have known the consequences

then; they had had the upper hand for a moment, and they did

what they thought was best. The pact was signed willingly by

all parties.


The tributes started small, and her reciprocity was seen as

goodwill– rewards seen as marking one aspect of the journey to

adulthood. A coin, a toy, a banknote… trifles to an adult,

but to a child? Magical. Enticing. A tale of wonder to relate

to friends. But then they do it, too. After all… when they

fall out, what do you do with them? Where’s the harm in a

little trade? Fairies are all sweetness and magic, aren’t…

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The Social Entrepreneur BTFM

Maybe you are a technical genius or maybe you just have Cadillac taste and Volkswagen money when it comes to making your technology, Ecommerce and Online dreams come true. So even if you were the coolest kid in school or you flunked computer science, you may have found yourself more in the category of geek than not because of your needs and because of how easy it is not to do it yourself… to a certain extent.

You’ve heard of Klout, Kred and PeerIndex; and if not than you are a little behind; but anyway meet Geekli. It’s in private BETA now and if you are reading this blog then all you have to do is let me know you want an invite. I am limiting the invites because many people are complaining about watered down votes and authenticity of online influence. Geekli put a lot of work and time into…

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Social Media Pearls

The week of February 13th was Social Media Week in Toronto and what a week! Social Media Week is one of the world’s most unique global program, offering a series of activities and conversations around the globe on emerging trends in social and mobile media across all major industry sectors.  In its third year, Social Media Week has expanded to 21 cities including  Toronto! I attended and volunteered in Toronto. We had over 100 events across the city – talking social media to our heart’s content. I would like to take the opportunity to share key messages from three of the events.

This post is the first of three:

The Best 10 Quotes  To Live by In Social Media: From The Creating WildFires Panel

Liz Strauss,  Sam Fiorella & Sean Moffitt

1. “Building a community is not the equivalent as building a customer base”.

  • Building a community is a network and is…

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ACTA brings us in a world of total control of Organisations we didn’t vote for,

cannot be influenced and brings us the total surveillance society.

We must fight it to the end !

Here an explanation what can and will happen:

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