Bahula Feeds 

We are manufacturers of high quality cattle feed. We specialize in cow/buffalo feed, goat feed, camel feed, and horse feed. 


The feed that we manufacture are of qualities that are prevailing and in demand as per Indian standards, We can manufacture a quantity of about 600 MT per day,  with standard specifications and the price is as per the specifications.
As is, the current prices depend upon the protein and fat level in the feed.
These are good for the health and improvement in metabolism of the cattle which leads to production of milk that is healthy for human consumption. 
We can also prepare the feed as per the required specs from the buyers.
Apart from this we also manufacture 100% organic Fertilizer made from indegenous cow dung mixed with probiotics and natural enzymes. 
If you have any enquiry in regards to the above products, please drop us a mail with your enquiry with  complete details at 
With regards 

Ramesh Shankerlal 

Bahula Feeds 

Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India. 

Skype: ransae 


Mobile +91 8003050080


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