Primer: Google+ Communities for Business


What do you know about Google+ Communities, Google’s version of an advanced newsgroups or forum?  Launched in late 2012, some social media pundits are already enthusiastically recommending it as a good brand promotion avenue for businesses.

If you’re considering this, here’s a primer from small business advisor and Google+ Communities expert Rob Gordon, who has over 50,000 Google+ followers and is the owner of the the over 30,000-member Community Entrepreneurs, Self-Employed & Small Business.  Gordon also owns several private communities on Google+ in specialized areas, including groups for writing and content creation, small business team formation, and business idea generation and evaluation.

Businesses: Google+ Communities

Have you ever considered building an online community for your business? There are many ways to do this- from building and hosting your own using open source software to using an online community builder or building one with tools on the existing social…

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