Bullies come in all sizes, D.A.D.!

Every Crayon in the Box

Dear Dad all Day:

hammer screwdriver

Unfortunately, I read your blog post about how your daughter was “rated” by a teenage boy on Facebook. You basically wrote an open letter to the “young man” who completed the action. The rest of your post went on about your own personal experiences as a teenager and how you grew up respecting women. BUT I know from first hand experience that you are not a nice man and you are not respectful to women. See D, you openly bashed me online, you did it more than once, and on your post you basically did the EXACT SAME THING to the teenager.

Are you proud that you strutted yourself and used a manly hammer to try and put a nail to this kid’s actions? Are you proud that you SLAMMED a teenager on your high traffic grabbing because it’s a Tribune- owned blog?

I have…

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