Dear Multiverse, (humour ?)

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I need a“deep daily defragmentation”

of this body housing Soul

The fragments that are not loving

I wish them to depart.

I wish to be made whole.

The fragments of myself

that are not gentle, loving, kind.

I wish them to be gone.

I want them left behind.

From this day forward

From now, as the start…

I want to cast them out

(like right now)

I want them to depart.

I know my attitude

could use some more gratitude

and few re-boots too.

But, more than anything

I need a DDD

“deep defragmentation daily”

to improve my point of view.

I tend to run quite slowly.

I am not the newest model

But dear Multiverse,

my fav computer geek…

I need a huge clean-up

So I no longer doddle.

Could I have it now

As I speak?

The software, junk files, temporary files

It is all really way…

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