The beckoning

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I must away to the beckoning.

The “grace of All” is calling me.

There is no reckoning.

I must away in response to the beckoning.

Its love-filled portion has not been measured out.

It is boundless, endless without a doubt.

I must away to the beckoning

Deep within Soul.

I need no admission fee, no added klout.

I am beckoned.

I belong.

I am loved.

I am home.

“Come away with me

Says Spirit’s sweet Voice

You are the Beloved

You always and in all ways

Have a choice.

The great deceiver would have you convinced

That you are not worthy.

That this beckoning does not make sense.

Love and mercy have laid the way.

Beckoning without reckoning.

You belong here in the field of dreams.

You are the chosen one(s).

You are the beloved of the Beloved.

You are my divine one(s)

All the gifts of love are thine.

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