Plant Protein Shake Recipe



I’ve created a recipe for a protein shake from a plant, honey, cacao, and almond base that is vegan, dairy free, soy free, and organic for those who are looking for a healthy tasty protein shake !


Unsweetened chocolate almond milk
1spoonfuls of Life’s Basic Plant Protein Mix
1tblspns spoonfuls of honey
1 tblspn of organic cocoa powder unsweetened


1. Get the blender bottle with the metal ball.
2. Add all ingredients into blender bottle. Tastes better if almond milk is chilled before added.
3. Shake well
4. Drink up!

Vegetarian/vegan diets are similar to a regular meat eater diets since they the supply the nutrients (such as protein, and iron) through plant-based foods that offer the same nutrients but typically in smaller amounts. However, one of the main differences is that vegetarians and vegans may struggle with making sure that they supply their body with the essential…

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