The most boring moral/ethical dilemma I’ve ever faced.

James Edwards - Author and know-it-all

Today coming out of work, which was thoroughly enjoyable, I was smoking a cigarette. Yes I know it’s a bad habit, doesn’t make me smell too nice, isn’t so sexy and turns some people away, I was still enjoying it. I write better on a deadline and so it makes logical sense to give myself one. I will find a reason to quit one day but my heart isn’t in it. But believe me, this is related.

Three girls came up to me and they do not look 18 at all, which is the legal age to buy tobacco products.  They may have been like 16 or something, 15 more likely. Seeing as I work in a shop that sells pen knives and gas canisters (among other things of course, it’s not the most dangerous shop in the world,) I tend to have to ask everyone for ID when they buy…

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