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ImageSeveral folks have asked me if I signed up for a Premium Account and what I thought about them. I have not signed up yet; although I was tempted.

My reasons for not signing up include:
1. For portfolio management, I prefer insideEAv. comes bundled with premium accounts. That is a fine tool; just not my preference.
2. I receive about 4M in dividend income daily; so the extra eaves are not an incentive.
3. I am still working the Dessert investment in my portfolio. More Dessert is interesting but not enough to make me whip out a credit card.
4. I play EA mostly as a game; so the ROI for buying premium doesn’t fit. In fact, I think the hard dollar ROI for EA is a tough sell generally at every account level. EA has a ton of potential, but I have often heard potential used as…

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