Two Ways to Assess Behaviors, Not Just Results

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When star employees churn out great results, it’s tempting to pat them on the back and ask them to keep doing whatever it is they’re doing. However, it’s your job as a manager to understand the behaviors that drive those results and ensure they are in line with your company’s values.

Here are two ways to do that:

* Give separate behavior and results ratings.
When the two are combined, it is too easy to give employees a pass for bad behavior when they’re producing positive outcomes. Assessing them separately also ensures that you can give fair behavior ratings without obscuring the business results.

* Use a 360-degree assessment.
These do a better job of getting at behaviors and their impact on other employees. Use the findings to set behavioral goals that each employee can work toward, such as “treat my team with respect.”

Adapted from “Embedding Sustainability/Ethics into Performance…

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