Harold's Garden

I gImageuess I am feeling crotchety today, but I got a bit frustrated reading my wall shouts this morning. Don’t misunderstand. I appreciate the engagement. I know the shouts are good for my & the shouter’s EA score. I encourage all of you to leave shouts, but good grief Charley Brown! A little common courtesy and good sense would be really helpful.

1. Don’t paste onto my wall a request to buy back when I am maxed in you. It really tempts me to sell; particularly if you are not the Avenue’s finest investment.

2. Don’t spam me with your latest scam, offer, or whatever self promotion thing you are into. If you really have something worth anything, engage with me & get to know me; then you can judge if I am really a fit for your offer. BTW…not a fit for the MLM stuff for what it’s…

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