Slavica Bogdanov

Yes, I wrote Afformations. I didn’t misspell Affirmations. I will write about those another time. Afformations are much more powerful in achieving anything you want than Affirmations are. Yet, very few are familiar with what does are.

This is a first post about this tool: an introduction to the power of Afformations.

Why use an affirmation?

When you were acquiring tools to succeed, you have probably heard that, in order to reach a goal, it is absolutely essential to write down an affirmation. For example, if you want to be  retired by the age of 55, you simply write down: “I feel happy that I am retired now at age 55”. I will speak more in length about how to create powerful affirmations that will help to achieve any goal.

What is an afformation?

An afformation is a question you ask your mind about your goal. If a…

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