Are You A Content Curator? 5 Best Practices For Content Curation

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This is an article by Steven Rosenbaum and published by Mashable. Excerpted from it:


“Good content curation isn’t as simple as pushing a share button. 

If you’re a curator here are five best practices to consider.


1. Be Part of the Content Ecosystem:

Be part of the content ecosystem, not just a re-packager of it. 

Created, contributed, and collected — the three ‘c’s is a strong content mix that has a measurable impact. Why? Because your visitors don’t want to hunt around the web for related material. Once they find a quality, curated collection, they’ll stay for related offerings.


2. Follow a Schedule:

Audiences expect some regularity, and they’ll reward you for it. 

Consistency and regularity will also bring you new users, and help you grow a loyal base of members who appreciate your work.


3. Embrace Multiple Platforms:

Today content consumers get their information on the platform of their choosing. That means you should consider posting short bursts on Tumblr, images on Pinterest, video on YouTube, and community conversations on Facebook.


4. Engage and Participate:

Having a voice as a curator means more than creating and curating your own work. Make sure you’re giving back by reading others and commenting on their posts.

To recommend material that you really think merits their attention.


5. Share. Don’t Steal:

Take the time to give attribution, link backs, and credit. The sharing economy works because we’re each sharing our audiences, and providing the value of our endorsements.

The important thing to realize is that we’re increasingly living in a world of information overload. So when people choose to listen to you it’s because you’re able to separate signal from noise. You provide a clear, contextually relevant voice within the topic or topics that you create and curate.”



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