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…and I will scratch yours, so the old saying goes.  The practise of scratching each others backs is a lovely one, nobody can deny this, but are we always being helpful?  Are we actually getting the good scratch we need, or are you still feeling itchy?

No, I haven’t really got an itchy back. It’s a metaphor.  I am referring to the widely used practise of ‘Like 4 Like’.  I suspect we will soon hear of ‘Pin 4 Pin’ if it’s not going on already.

If you are still reading, I’m guessing you have heard of this.  Maybe you have engaged in this practise on Facebook already.  Maybe you despise it and want to shout loudly at people who do it.)   If you haven’t I will briefly explain what it is.

‘Like 4 Like’ on Facebook is where page owners conspire to ‘Like’ each others fan pages.  Sometimes the…

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