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There are many stories about Mitt Romney’s evil-doings when he ran Bain Capital, a $1 billion company famous for buying troubled companies and making money off them.


Some of the stories involve Bain laying off workers to make companies profitable, then selling them off.

Some of the stories involve Bain and Romney chopping companies to bits and selling off the parts.

This story is about Romney shutting down a thriving business over a woman. A young woman. A woman young enough to be Mitt’s daughter.

Missing Girl

Her name name was Melissa Gay. She was the daughter of a business partner of Romney’s at Bain.

Melissa was 14-years-old when she went to a rave party, took some ecstasy, and disappeared.

It was July 6, 1996.

Melissa’s father was managing director of Bain Capital investment.  He confided to Romney about his daughter’s disappearance a day after she disappeared. Did Romney keep…

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