Digital Brand Marketing Education & Interactives

It was with that quote that Inbound Marketing Summit NYC began, on a crisp, clear February day.  Inbound Marketing Summit, or IMS, is a 2 day conference, combining digital, social, and mobile marketing, and it made its first foray into NYC with this year’s conference.  Unfortunately, I was only able to attend Day 1 of this incredible conference, but wanted to bring you my thoughts on it.

With speakers ranging from Chris Brogan, Laura Fitton, Trip Kucera, and Barry Libert, we were provided with cutting-edge content and real world case studies from some great companies, including Nike and Alure Home Improvements.

The morning began with a keynote speech from Barry Libert, Founder of OpenMatters, where he discussed how Nike has radically changed their marketing strategy, and is going where the customers are – social and mobile.  It was eye opening, when Libert spoke about degrees of separation, and how just…

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