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Private conversations are the most important ones,  I’ve come to believe.     I know I’ve written recently that “any idiot can raise an amen chorus”  and I certainly don’t mean to disparage public conversations–  heck,  this blog has been all about public conversations–  but any real professional knows that private conversations online is where business really happens.   Whether it’s discussing future plans with a mentor,  re-hashing a major event with another participant or joking and daydreaming and just being friends,  private conversations are where any good social networker will invest a lot of their time.

I finally managed to steal a glimpse of the new Empire Avenue interface.   So they borrowed a designer from Pinterest to  make a graphical display of your Tweetstream.   Excuse me while I have a nice long YAAAWWWNNN.    I’ve yet to reach any judgment about the value or the utility of the  Empire Avenue changes,   but…

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