Iceburner Money Rules

This 3 minute 40 second video clip may be the most important clip you have ever watched.  It is missing a few ingredients and consequently offers some hope.  I suggest it is already too late.

What’s missing you ask?

Add in state, county and city employees.  Technically the Post Office is considered private. Guess again. Add in the military too and then add in teachers, all non-profit employees, everyone on social security and last but not least those on unemployment and welfare.

ALL of them will vote for their own perceived best self-interest and cannot fathom life off the trough.  It does not matter that their jobs are essential, useful or even needed. With the exception of the military all of them would do a better job in the private sector for half the price!

Good Luck USA.  The fat lady is singing.  It’s all in God’s hands now.

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